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Lauren Kanzler, C.C.N. is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist with 27 years of experience in her field. Her specialites include weight management, eating disorders, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, kidney problems, digestive disorders and much more. She believes that amost all health problems and concerns respond to good nutrition practices and improved lifestyle choices. She is a "whole foods" nutritionist and she can help you prevent many of the typical problems that often come with aging in America.  Lauren's previous experience includes the design and implementation of the original mindfulness curriculum at Miraval~Life in Balance, voted #1 best health resort in the world on the Conde Naste List of World Class Resorts.    Lauren also worked  for the past 7 years at a Tucson-based residential eating disorder treatment program where she taught whole foods nutrition,  as well as mindful eating, and many classes on practicing mindfulness skills in everyday life.  She is  now available for private sessions, phone sessions, public speaking engagements, and currently runs a mindfulness-based support group on Thursdays.

You can call Lauren at 520-743-2336 to determine if her services are what you are looking for. 

Fees for Lauren Kanzler's profesional services:

Initial nutrition consultation - 75-90 minutes:  $110.00

Follow-up sessions - 60 minutes:  $90.00

Phone consultations - 30/60 minutes:  $45-90.00

Follow-up short sessions - 30-45 minutes: $185.00 paid in advance