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Acupuncture Medical offers other services in conjunction with Acupuncture to aid in the healing process.

Therapeutic Massage
Among the many benefits of massage are the release of tight, painful muscles, relaxation, stress reduction and improved circulation.  Tailor this massage to address a specific area of concern or experience a full body massage for all over relief.
Treatment Time:  60 / 90 minute        $110 / $150

Cranio Sacral Therapy
This is a a gentle hands on therapy that releases restrictions in the Craniosacral system which causes the central nervous system to function better resulting in increased well-being, better immunity and less stress and tension. It addresses sensory and motor dysfunction which result in chronic fatigue, motor coordination impairments, migraine headaches, scoliosis, TMJ, and stress & tension related problems.  For nearly 30 years, practitioners have used CST to help people get back to a healthy, balanced body.
Treatment Time: 60 / 90 minute    $110/ $150


Hot Stone Therapy

The use of hot stones in massage can help relax the muscles at a more rapid pace allowing you to get into the muscles at a deeper level. The therapeutic heat placed in stationary positions and then customized into the massage work great for tension relief, decrease muscle spasms, increase flexibility and alleviate chronic pain conditions.   $110

Detoxification Treatment

Feeling fatigued, swollen, dehydrated or toxic? Being constantly exposed to chemicals and harmful pollutants in the air, dietary and drinking habits and stress can contribute to a toxic body. With skin having a rapid absorption rate, algae and seaweed are applied to the body to penetrate deep into the skin to deliver an infusion of vitamins and minerals as well as bind to the toxins. This relaxing treatment will re-mineralize the body, remove toxic metals, rehydrate the skin and assist in weight loss.
Treatment Time:  60 minutes                Cost: $130

Enhanced Detoxification:              Detox Wrap / Infrared Sauna
Combine the far infrared sauna along with the algae wrap to experience a deep seated level of detoxification. Hop into the sauna for 30 minutes to sweat out toxins, increase your circulation and warm the skin which will speed up the effectiveness of the wrap that will follow.
Treatment Time 1.5 hours                    Cost $165

Far Infrared Sauna
Far Infrared Technology induces sweat at a deeper level than traditional saunas.  The heat stimulates bloodflow initiating cardiovascular conditioning, improving circulation, burning calories and dissolving fat. It has been beneficial in relieving aches and pains and removing unwanted toxins from the body.  Far Infrared sauna has been used with weight loss, arthritis / pain relief, cardiovascular strengthening, detoxification and stress reduction.
Treatment Time: 30 minute                   Cost: $45  

Acu Facelift
Both relaxing and stimulating, this facial works with microcurrent technology to tonify the muscles, hydrate dry and aged skin, & reduce puffiness and swelling around the eyes and the entire face.  It helps to improve circulation and reduce tension & inflammation. The immediate result is healthier looking skin and when done in a series, a visible reduction in sagging skin.                 
Treatment Time: 1 hour                       Cost  $120
10 Session Package                                     $1080