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OPC Synergy

How OPC Synergy Keeps you Healthy

OPC Synergy can help prevent or reduce the effects of aging and degeneration.

Research suggests that one of the main reasons we actually look and feel differently as we grow older can be traced to the chemical process of oxidation ? the slow disintegration reactions involving oxygen. Rust on cars, spoiled food, and crumbled stone are all the result of oxidation. Our bodies experience oxidation of tremendous magnitude every day, just by living in our environment. The air we breathe, and almost everything we eat or drink causes oxidative reactions in the body. Our own metabolic processes produce oxidative reactions. These biochemical processes lead to the formation of unstable molecules called free radicals. It is these free radicals that set the tone for the intensity of our individual aging process.

Antioxidants include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other phytonutrients that help support cells by combating free radicals. OPC is the strongest and most effective of all the antioxidants. OPC has been evaluated both in test tubes and in humans and has been shown to be many times more potent than vitamins E and C.

OPC Synergy helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. OPC works in a number of ways to support the cardiovascular system. OPC reinforces vascular walls and makes them more public.

OPC helps support healthy brain tissue. Since OPC can penetrate both fat and water soluble cellular membranes, it has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and enter brain tissue. OPC can help maintain brain tissue exposed to free radicals. OPC can also help maintain the integrity of blood vessels in the brain. OPC encourages healthy brain function by improving vascular efficiency and by supporting the cells from challenge by cellular oxidation.

OPC Synergy helps to maintain capillary integrity. Abnormally large amounts of fluid between cells is called edema, a condition often associated with PMS. This increased fluid between cells comes from weakened capillary walls that allow fluid to escape. Eventually, the buildup becomes visible as tissues begin to swell. Puffy skin around the eyes and swelling in the ankle area are visible signs of edema. OPC decreases capillary leakage by making capillary walls stronger. In addition, OPC inhibits histamine release.

OPC Synergy helps restore collagen integrity. The connective tissue in our bodies literally holds us together. Bones, cartilage, tendons and ski are all made of connective tissue. One of the major components of connective tissue is a white, fibrous protein called collagen. Time and normal wear and tear diminish the quality of connective tissue as we age. OPC interferes with collagen destruction in a number of ways:

    * Regulates the amount of collagen links in connective tissue.
    * Fortifies collagen protiens.
    * Increases the ability of collagen to maintain itself.
    * Supports elastin.
    * Improves overall tissue nutrition by strengthening capillary walls.

Benefits of OPC

OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) offers so many important benefits that to list each one might seem too good to be true. But the fact remains that OPC is one of nature?s best kept secrets, the gold star among dietary antioxidants. The following is the short list of how OPC can help your body:

    * Supports cells in every of the body from oxidation and free radicals.
    * Supports the ability of collagen to rebuild itself; helps maintain collagen as we age.
    * Increases the pliability and integrity of all types of blood vessel walls.
    * Inhibits histamine release.

What Makes OPC Synergy By Standard Process Unique?

OPC Synergy from Standard Process Inc. stands above the rest by virtue of its scientifically-driven formula. Synergism among substances means that individually, those same substances could not achieve the same effect as when they are combined. OPC Synergy takes its OPC from five different whole food sources to provide optimal strength, quality and activity. OPC Synergy uses Masquelier?s Original OPC to provide the highest OPC content available. Each ingredient brings its OPC plus synergistic co-factors to the table to offer the strongest, natural, antioxidant support available.

Key Ingredients in Whole Food Extracts:

All Standard Process products are based on one simple equation ? whole foods are best and good health comes form good nutrition. Each formula is built on this holistic paradigm. The whole food extracts in OPC Synergy provide the following nutrients and so many more:

Grape Seed Extract, including Masquelier?s Original OPC, contains the highest percentage of OPC for unparalleled antioxidant strength.

Buckwheat contains the vitamin P complex, which includes OPC, and rutin to build and maintain vascular integrity.

Red Wine Extract contains OPC and phenols.

Green Tea Extract contains OPC and catechins to provide antioxidant support to red cells.

Bilberry contains OPC plus anthocyanosides to provide antioxidant support to vessel walls through collagen support.

OPC is a plant product that is made from grape seed extract, red wine extract and pine bark extract. These foods contain powerful bioflavanoids known as OPC's and have been shown to be extremely effective against free radical damage. Free radicals attack body tissue, degrade collagen and are considered to be the underlying cause of many diseases. OPC's helps to neutralize the effects of free radical damage. When free radicals are controlled the body has a chance to heal itself.

The use of OPC's to treat ADHD has been circulating for years. The most significant improvements noted by patients are in areas relating to sustained attention and distractibility rather than hyperactivity and impulsivity. How OPC's improve brain function and possibly symptoms of ADHD are speculative. Unfortunately there are not any published studies out at this time. Yet the research is quite clear that lifestyle choices, including dietary habits do effect our genetic potential.

Considering that in 1997 only 1% of children and adolescents met the recommended dietary allowances with 50% of daily calories from fat and sugar it is time to look at nutrition and nutrition supplements?

OPC is

    * 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C
    * 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E
    * All natural and non-toxic .


    * Slowing the Aging Process
    * Improving skin elasticity
    * Strengthening arteries, capillaries and veins
    * Improves circulation
    * Reduces varicose veins
    * Reduces edema and swelling of the legs
    * Improves vision acuity
    * Helps improve sluggish memory
    * Reduces the effects of stress
    * Improves joint flexibility