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Understanding the Healing Nature of Homeopathy

By John Rosenbaum

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Life science needs quantum science if it is to be understood. There is strong reason for energy medicine becoming the medicine of the 21st Century. Quantum energy explains the many intricate processes at work within and affecting one living cell as it becomes apparent that life is frequency and energy patterns that are auto-embedded in matter. It is estimated that it would take twenty super computers to contain the life information encoded in the DNA of one of our cells. That is a lot of info in one small space. Age old life information accessed and used on a daily basis is wrapped and stored in histones beads of DNA that resonate and vibrate loose to open up when that specific location of gene information is needed to be opened for transcription. The info is most likely stored in energy patterns and resonating is the easiest way to access as well as activate. Noting how life energy intricately and rather flawlessly continuously organizes available matter into such incredibly interwoven systems, we have instinctively always called all life units organisms. If we want to understand illness, we do best to understand interference in these patterns. Life is more than matter in dynamic process; it is organizing energy in the driver's seat utilizing matter. Though living matter studied still maintains its chemical and physical characteristics, our picture is very incomplete until we view the intricacies of life function as frequency components in visible lattice. Per Einstein, it is more than dice roll.

Emerging to the front as a unique property of matter is its built-in cumulative capacity to respond to higher life-energy patterns. Alexander F. Beddoe, DDS, in his work, "Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition", lays out frequency principals. He notes that the frequencies for each specific element found in humans are at a million times higher frequency than that same element in its studied elemental state. James P. Isaacs in "Complementarity in Biology" describes quantum energy building, element by element joined toward energy component capacity (bions) allowing for biological molecular indeterminacy; an extremely high level that must be observed through function. The reason animals eat mostly living things is the need to begin with stepped up frequencies in packages within matter. This is food. Supplements extracted from a living condition without interfering with the imprinted frequencies are the most viable. Good chemical testing along with good energy testing is able to look at the level of life energy present. Clinicians find Biotics Research products, in the best of science and nature, do test and work well having maintained these living properties. A better understanding of energy medicine can be built by reading books such as "Vibrational Medicine" by Richard Gerber, "The Body Electric" by Robert Becker and "Electrical Nutrition" by Denie and Shelly Heilstand. Thinking in this paradigm of expanded capacity about the living condition, increases awareness that healing is the tuning of life energy. Whatever is out of tune or frequency within the living system is how toxic or so called "allergic" response conditions start.

Thus Einstein's famous E= mc2 is a part of our everyday. Matter is compacted energy, it is energy’s essence. To the degree normal life energy patterns become interfered with by whatever means, to that degree is sickness. Biological processes are best reestablished by removing the interfering patterns and reestablishing the correct ones. This rebalancing is accomplished by many ways and techniques, but long term, through the direct use of proper foods and food supplements. Many specific correcting energy patterns are available through homeopathy. When introducing these specific life energy patterns, it is good to remember that quality food and supplements are also needed to provide the long term capacity that these resonate energy patterns need in order to be maintained in the physical body. The health reestablished will then best properly continue.

A good definition for homeopathics is having the ability to capture life energy patterns and transfer them to balance another living system. That is, a homeopathic remedy is basically the essence or vibrational living pattern that organizes the matter of a specific living thing which has been captured out of the original matter and imprinted into a carrier substance, usually water, which is already the greater part of any organism as a perfect energy pattern carrier. A remedy then is a carrier of intricate vibrational living frequencies. To make a remedy, the original living substance with its vibrational patterns is put into solution. It is then diluted a series of times, each time shaken (the container usually banged on a surface or by the hand), so that the energy pattern is entered into and throughout the new dilution. When diluted enough so that not a single molecule of the original substance or very little of it is any longer present, we have isolated a coherent strong living pattern. This is because it is without the interfering patterns that individual molecules present would cause. One way to visualize it is that it is much like making the random motion of individual light photons which cancel out a lot of each others energy, into coherent light (laser light), where the single locked-together-as-one pattern is now so strong it can be used to cut metal. Or visualize a handful of gravel scattered onto water that causes many radiating circles that interfere with each other; this as opposed to the force of a tidal wave where the motion is unified into one strong motion. The point is, a distinct but coherent unit of living energy is available in a bottle to be introduced into a living system that needs it in order to be rebalanced to organize its own matter.

Biotics Research developed ten very effective remedies, 21st Century Homeopathics including; Detoxification, Lymphatic Drainage, Acute Stress, Detox-Virus, Chronic Stress, Environmental, Heavy Metal, Fungal-Yeast, Bacteria, and Parasite Detox. The water in these water-based remedies is of exceptional quality to carry the cleanest and clearest of life energies needed. Biotics Research traveled the US, Europe and elsewhere to put together the correct combinations of energies to clear and then rebalance what are mainstream difficulties in health care today. Enclosed is a flyer giving some of the basic recommended usages for each remedy. A complete write up on each remedy is available in the 21st Century Homeopathic Catalogue. Call 800-524-5183 for a copy. A Testing Kit with one bottle of each of the ten remedies is available as a one time offer for each office at a cost of $60.00.  Retail for the 4 oz bottle is normally $20.00 each.

As a final note: A good system of energy medicine is Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA). It is a method developed by Dick Versendaal, DC, and has been around for 30 to 40 years and utilized by thousands of doctors for assessing the body's structural, nutritional and energy needs. CRA bridges subclinical entities by being able to pinpoint any compromise of bio-mechanics that cause pain symptoms and changes in neuronal function. It is a method that any practitioner can learn and apply. The results are very rewarding to patient and doctor. Often doctors who we would least expect to make what appears to be a quantum leap, find here what they have been looking for already put together for them because it is the context they find instinctively obvious - that we are mostly energy. Go to www.crahealth.org for seminar dates & locations.

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