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Whole Food Verses Supplementation?

By John Rosenbaum

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Why supplement? Isn't whole food better?

Background: For the last 50-60 years, there is ample evidence that often times crop soil is depleted of many trace minerals. The replacement chemical fertilizers usually consist of only nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and calcium and do not replace many other critical minerals necessary. Additives, pesticides, etc, make the food even more wanting. With the additional processing and refining and the removing of life components in order to extended shelf life, often what is taken in barely qualifies for food, let alone the whole food concept. The purpose of food is to supply nutrients as materials that support life energy. Obviously, if whole foods of balanced viable nutrients were eaten all along, there wouldn't be a need for supplements. But with today's critically low levels of imbalances, there are not sufficient quantities of what is needed in whole foods because they are not dense enough in natural food to compensate. The digestive system cannot process the vast amount of the other parts of the food where these nutrients are found in order to get enough of them. For instance, to gain 1mg of octacosanol (which increases oxygen utilization when exercising) would require ingesting ten pounds of whole wheat. There is a staggering overall loss of energy hoping to digest the excess. Eating whole food is good, but not to balance the deficit. The science to reestablish the failing system is supplementation, that is, the concentrating of the needed specifics. The lumping of vitamins and minerals together does not make a viable (live) supplement. Plants can "eat" dirt because they can capture sunlight for energy. Humans can't. Thus skilled clinicians often energy-test supplements against the body's energy to determine it needs to rebalance the dis-ease or imbalance.

The need for the art of concentrating nutrients into supplements. Years ago, it wasn't as difficult to supplement. Most of our foods were still mostly whole because the soil still contained higher levels of the organic complexes needed. The life wasn't processed out as much as it is today. Mere extractions from foods with the higher natural concentrations of the needed nutrients were utilized to meet the needs. Supplement companies today, however, must continually work closely with clinicians to develop products as the imbalances increase. Along with the decreasing quality of food and life styles, we now have 3rd and 4th generation junk-food-junkies. Many pregnant mothers lack the natural reserve to supply the delicate mineral and vitamin needs of the developing child. Consider folic acid shortage and the developmental neural tube defects, or chromium reserve to be passed on to the child. There are questions to be answered.
Where in the very best of nature are the quantities that are needed for effective supplementation? Are sufficient quantities of vitamins A, B, C, or E present in a viable state? Is there a cost-effective magic extraction of total milligrams of assayable natural A, B, C, or E from farm plants to meet label claims? The reality is that there are not high levels in nature and these must be outsourced by supplement companies and then added at levels necessary to match the desired amount and to also comply with truth-in-labeling-laws. Any implications of natural highly phosphorylated sources found on the farm are all innuendo. They simply do not exist as extracts or concentrates. All reputable manufactures of supplements with assayable levels of vitamin E, for instance, must purchase it from Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Cognis, or other suppliers of natural-source E. All must add it to their products. Biotics Research uses esterfied vitamin E, which is protected through the stomach acid until it reaches mid gut where it is de-esterfied and released in its natural form at the same location where the nutrients from plants are released for absorption.

B vitamins act as coenzymes and are phosphorylated on an as-needed basis by living things. It is not new information that natural foods assay for low amounts of P5P (B6) for instance, too low to even make a reasonable claim for it. This is because it is converted from the stored inactive forms, mainly pyridoxine in vegetables and pyridoxamine and pyridoxal in animals only as needed. (Conversion of vitamin B6 to active forms in the red blood cell. Anderson, B.B. et al. J. Clin Invest 50:1901-1909; 1971.) Looking at total B6 active and inactive , liver, with one of the highest levels, contains only 0.73 mg of B6 per 100 g of liver. That plant levels are even lower is what makes vegetarians vulnerable to B deficiency. (Dietary vitamin B6 intake and food sources in the US population. Kant A.K. & Block G.:NHANES II, 1976-1980). But supplements can provide the necessary levels where units are added, especially the phosphorylated units. As the means is not there to extract sufficient quantities to meet label claims, B vitamins must be separately phosphorylated and added to the product. It is because it works, that phosphorylation is added to the products by all that offer it. Supplementing with whole foods is a contradictory statement. Not having to add phosphorylated (activated) units of B vitamins though meeting label claims is also contradictory. The FDA requires supplemental products to meet 100% of label claims. Biotics Research, with its sophisticated laboratory capabilities, produces all of its products to meet their requirements with its products, all the while maintaining bioavailability as well as viability.

Thus Biotics Research's efforts to provide "The Best of Science and Nature" literally shines for those who use the products. Clinicians usually are very pleased to discover that they need only 1/3 to 1/4 the amount of our supplements when compared with certain competing products. Not having to choke down so many supplements, as well as the lower cost factor becoming manageable for the patient, greatly increases compliance. Results are usually quicker because of verifiable consistency. There is the growing recognition and deep appreciation of Biotics Research technology. Research and science, from start to finish, truly meets today's growing needs. Very few can as consistently meet all label claims from batch to batch for material present to provide the same consistent effectiveness of product.

There are many ways for learning how to use Biotics Research products correctly, especially through the scientific literature, seminars, effective clinicians and knowledgeable distributors willing to share insights. Though no one company has it all, most find using Biotics Research products is a giant step in the right direction for them, finding the products that their patients need most. Advanced know-how linked to advanced clinician needs makes a good team. In performing due diligence, question manufacturing, demand honesty. Pressure us or any company you use to see that you are provided with honest information to verify high quality and to keep loyalty with your patients. In this day of complexity and confusion, clarity is key.

A note on functional/muscle/energy testing to balance a system.  Not everyone is comfortable with this kind of testing. The goal is to balance a system and there are many excellent time-tested approaches that clinicians use to get consistent remarkable results. One reason some are not comfortable with muscle-energy type testing is because the overall state and/or intention of the tester can enter in. This may be the case when a whole line of well-recognized products does not test positively by an individual. If the problem is with the tester, that individual should not use them. We do best keeping positive.
A note on Dr. Versendaal. About the time you figure you have a very gifted person's method figured out, he or she is always focused on new additional exciting things to share. The answer is having a dedicated group of gifted individuals close by helping out. Because of the depth and many years of development, it is not something that is learned in a one weekend's 14 hours continuing education course, but you do go home with so much information you can begin to use Monday morning to build on as you grow. It takes time and dedication to master, but it is extremely rewarding. To best keep with Dr Versendaal in all his enthusiasm and personal genius and continually gain his latest findings, Modules 2 and 3 have been developed. These are for those who have mastered Module 1 and are hungry to receive more, and that they do. Long time CRA practitioners at Module 3 in January 2002 expressed quiet excitement in trying to fully comprehend the significance of what they were seeing, as they had been through this many times before. Their awe-like response was that they couldn't wait to get home and incorporate it because, as they had learned a long time ago, "he is right again". 

Science is finally catching up with being able to explain some of what has been clinically demonstrated as correct for many years now. This same science is also providing Dr Versendaal with some remarkable tools to share with the practitioners. Those who have experimented with spin-offs of CRA may have missed some incredible recently developed core findings, not to mention his finding quality products that accomplish some basic core results he couldn't accomplish with many very ill before he discovered them. CRA practitioners comfortable in their ways, who were initially reluctant to change to the new products, became aware of missing too much and are gratefully excited they made the effort to change. New doors open and the excitement of new exposure now has a discerning difference. 

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